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appliances since 1947

The CORE 400(T)

Efficient simplicity

Technical data

  • Tank: 15-18 litres
  • Dimensions: 400x600xH850-900
  • Baskets: 2
  • Net weight: 53kg
  • Voltage: 3N400V
  • Power: 14.4kw / 22kw turbo
  • Fuses: 20A / 32A turbo



Fish grid

Large basket


General Information

  • Mechanical thermostat
  • Temperature control knob
  • No basket lift, pump or timer options
  • Equipped with castors, with front brakes and precise adjustment for uneven floors

Swiss Made : manufactured in our factory in Romanel-sur-Morges.

Index IPX4 / Certified CB, DNV-GL, UL, SABER, EcoGastro
2-years warranty / 20 years of spare parts availability

Accessories for The CORE 400(T)

Metal frame for microfilter

TESTO 270 – Oil tester

Fish grid – 400(T)

Cleaning Tabs (only available for CH)

Microfilter with support

Replacement Microfilter