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appliances since 1947

The CORE+ 2525(T)

Electronic control for optimum quality

Technical data

  • Tank: 2 x 9-10 litres
  • Dimensions: 500x600xH850-900
  • Baskets: 2
  • Net weight: 68kg
  • Voltage: 3N400V
  • Power: 14.4kw / 22kw turbo
  • Fuses: 20A / 32A turbo




Basket lift

Fish grid


Pump and basket lift


General Information

Features :

  • One-button control
  • Precise temperature control +/- 1°C
  • Custom setting of the temperature and cooking time
  • ECO feature to reduce energy consumption over longer periods of non-use
  • Integrated Sicotronic interface for energy optimisation
  • Cleaning mode
  • Equipped with castors, with front brakes and precise adjustment for uneven floors

Removable control panel in cartridge format. Facilitates after-sales service, especially for built-in fryers.

Oil filtration pump (option):
Hot filtration system, disposable paper filter for microfiltration up to 5 microns, several consecutive filtration cycles possible, oil returns directly through the bottom of the pan (increased safety, without oil splashes). Each pan has its own filtration circuit. No cross contamination of oils.

Swiss Made : manufactured in our factory in Romanel-sur-Morges.

Index IPX4 / Certified CB, DNV-GL, UL, SABER, EcoGastro
2-years warranty / 20 years of spare parts availability