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Technical data

  • Tank: 2 x 5 liters
  • Dimensions: 420 x 410-450 x H260-420
  • Baskets: 2
  • Production per hour: 14-22kg
  • Net weight: 13kg
  • Voltage: 3x400V
  • Power: 7,2kw
  • Fuses: 16A



Fish grid

General Information

High quality components and finish to meet the highest expectations.

100% stainless steel construction, strong and sustainable.

2 pans with cold zone under the heating elements to collect food particles, helps slowing down the degradation of the oil.

Front drain valve with screw cap for easy oil recovery.

Pans pressed from one piece of metal without welding and with rounded corners to allow easy cleaning and guarantee optimum hygiene.

Three-part fryer for easy maintenance and cleaning: the pans and frame are dishwasher safe.

Strong and resilient basket design.

Single control dial and LED indicator lights for cooking support, for each pan.

Security thermostat with reset button.

Supplied with lid.

IPX3 index / CB certified / 2-year warranty / 20-year spare parts.

Swiss Made: manufactured in our factory in Romanel-sur-Morges.

Accessories for TF55

Metal frame for microfilter

TESTO 270 – Oil tester

Stainless steel table – TF55

Basket – TF5/TF55

Cleaning Tabs (only available for CH)