Recipe n°5 – Meat pies


You know how much I particularly like to share with you a few lines on the origins of the recipes I propose. It is true that origins are very often lost in our gastronomic history and I am always keen to understand and learn more about them.

With the pies I propose, I must admit that I rather quickly stopped my researches as at the time I wrote these few lines, it was impossible for me to certify that our dear “Rissoles” in french are from our region…

Indeed, if you have a closer look to it, you quickly realize that this recipe is an international one. Probably because these small bites have the advantage of being easily customizable according to many parameters.

The first and most important of them in my opinion is the fact that we can use different food we can have in our fridge: a slice of ham, a few vegetables or even fruits for the sweet version of it.

I herewith propose you a fairly basic recipe as the pies can be prepared in a salty or a sweet version.

With meat as suggested in this recipe, with seafood (for example shrimps) as done in certain parts of Asia or even better, with vegetables which are too often forgotten. Indulge yourself, that’s what cooking is: love from others but also for yourself by letting your
creativity express itself.

Should you not have enough time to prepare a sauce or a coulis as sugested in this recipe, don’t worry! Just serve a soy sauce, a homemade ketchup, a pesto or even just a plain yoghurt that you will have perfumed with some air-dried herbs or grounded spices.

Cooking is about sharing emotions: those coming from the heart for those you love.