Recipe n°8 – Fried freshwater fish with sour cream and dill


During this summer period, I had to tell you something about this custom that our fellows sometimes have: the aperitif!

Whether it is with or without alcohol, it is an important moment, especially nowadays when we sometimes are far from each other.

This recipe is so simple and yet so delicious! So I had to share it with you for several reasons:

First of all, because fish is an essential food for our gastronomy. Not only for its indisputable qualities in terms of nutrition, but also for its organoleptic qualities; its aromas and tastes often remember us our holiday memories!

Fish also obtained its letters of nobility throughout the centuries by its very strong relation to Christianity. Fish was initially the emblem of the first Christians. It then became a replacement food for people who could not eat meat for religious or health reasons.

Before ending this short presentation, I would like to tell you something about a subject dear to my heart: craftsmanship. This is a diverse subject but is also concerns our fishermen who are currently facing difficulties. Not only due to the increase of strict
standards, but especially due to the lack of popular fishes such as the perch. We too often tend to forget that our lakes also have other fish species as interesting as our national perch!

I hope these little fried bleaks will bring you even more happiness in your everyday life!