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Transparent faceshield Exemplaire

Valentine makes you smile !

Technical data

  • Net weight: 20 gr

General Information

A unique, aesthetic and ergonomic accessory to re-establish a friendly and reassuring relationship with your customers.

In addition to being innovative, this transparent visor gives you back your freedom from before. Be yourself again, enjoy life … while protecting others.

As part of your business, when visiting your customers or during a session with your team, ensure clear, straightforward and effective communication.

This faceshield is the essential accessory for anyone who wishes to socially interact with comfort, in a friendly atmosphere while maintaining social distancing.

The visors are  made of PET from recycled PET bottles, easy to clean, removable, replaceable. The whole faceshield weighs only 20 grams.

Ergonomic, the support on the nose is suitable for most of the users, including those wearing glasses.

Frame in PA11, material made from castor oil.

Complete face shields are sold in boxes of 10 pieces. Additional visors on request.