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With electronic control, ideal for low temperature cooking.

Technical data

  • Tank: 12.5 liters
  • Dimensions: 300x600xH850-900
  • Baskets: 1
  • Production per hour: 33-42kg / 40-50kg turbo
  • Net weight: 48kg
  • Voltage: 3x400V
  • Power: 11kw / 15kw turbo
  • Fuses: 16A / 21.5A turbo



Pump and basket lift

2 XS baskets

General Information

Optimised cooking thanks to the electronic temperature control with +/- 1°C precision. Ideal for low temperature cooking (170°C).

Standby Mode: reduces the energy consumption in case of prolonged inactivity (time and temperature adjustable).

Melt Mode: to melt solid fat without burning it.

Connection for integrated energy optimisation DIN 18875 (Sicotronic).

Clear display with repeating timer.

Easy cleaning and optimum hygiene thanks to the “Wash Mode”, the rounded corners and the heating element pivoting upwards with intermediate level.

Fitted on castors for easy manoeuvrability. Castors height adjustable between H850 and H900mm.

High quality components and finish to meet the highest expectations. 100% stainless steel construction, strong and sustainable.

Maximum insulation to optimize efficiency and heat, with minimum energy loss.

Pan with cold zone under the heating element for waste recover and oil saving.

Turbo option, ideal for frying frozen food.

Swiss Made: manufactured in our factory in Romanel-sur-Morges.

IPX5 index / CB certified / 2-year warranty / 20-year spare parts.

Accessories for ALPINA 300 / ALPINA 300 TURBO

Microfilter metal frame

Small XS basket – Alpina

Metal filter for drain bucket – Alpina

TESTO 270 – Oil tester

Hook to raise heating element

Microfilter with support

Cleaning Tabs (only available for CH)

Replacement Microfilter