Recipe n°2 : Fritters from “Moudon”

DID YOU KNOW? What a joy for me to propose you this traditional recipe from a region of the French speakingpart of Switzerland which is dear to me: the Broye Vaudoise! Maybe because I live in this region, but above all because this recipe symbolizes everything that I like in our gastronomy: the terroir and… Read more »

Recipe n°4 – Asparagus fries

DID YOU KNOW ? Indeed, during our culinary appointments with Valentine, I often tell you stories about history and culinary traditions but what if today, we were going off the beaten tracks to ask ourselves strange questions such as knowing who this asparagus is and what history it has ?It is clear that once again… Read more »

Recipe n°5 – Meat pies

DID YOU KNOW ? You know how much I particularly like to share with you a few lines on the origins of the recipes I propose. It is true that origins are very often lost in our gastronomic history and I am always keen to understand and learn more about them. With the pies I… Read more »

Recipe n°6 – Vietnamese spring rolls

DID YOU KNOW ? How about going on a trip this month ? With rich culinary experiences in Asia, in Japan and especially in Cambodia, I have often wondered why Vietnamese cuisine keeps coming back in the various comparisons that some gourmets offer. Why is this Vietnamese cuisine so often quoted ?Perhaps because of the… Read more »

Recipe n°10 – Apple doughnuts

DID YOU KNOW ? For a long time I believed that the term “Donut” (Beignet in French) meant that the preparation “Bathed” (baignait) in oil ?! It is clear that I was wrong. The term donut has several possible origins. In the Middle Ages, we called this kind of preparation “Bignet”, which would mean a… Read more »

Recipe n°12 – Vegetable samosas

DID YOU KNOW ? Like a summary of the recipes we have discovered together so far, the samosas take us on their planetary journey. They can be found everywhere: in Asian cuisine of course, but above all in Indian and Persian gastronomy. Along the Spice and Silk Route, trade and culinary discoveries, the samosas have… Read more »

Recipe n°11 – Beef fat French fries & sauces

DID YOU KNOW ? We cannot talk about a deep fryer without speaking about French fries. We cannot talk about French fries and not talk about… Belgium! A few years ago, at a conference in Brussels organized by the Brussels Tourist Office, Belgian and French gastronomic historians met to try to appropriate to themselves the… Read more »

Recipe n°8 – Fried freshwater fish with sour cream and dill

DID YOU KNOW ? During this summer period, I had to tell you something about this custom that our fellows sometimes have: the aperitif! Whether it is with or without alcohol, it is an important moment, especially nowadays when we sometimes are far from each other. This recipe is so simple and yet so delicious!… Read more »

Recipe n°9 – Eggplant tempura asian style

DID YOU KNOW ? Did you know that tempura has a rather original life course? In our gastronomic history, most of our food and know-how either comes from the West through the conquistadors during the Renaissance period, or from the East through the Spice Routes (also known as Maritime Silk Roads)! Well, tempura seems to… Read more »

Recipe n°7 – Japanese style marinated chicken fins

DID YOU KNOW ? Life is Beautiful :Indeed, this recipe is a great opportunity for me to tell you about this incredible food which is rice ! This is not because it can also be found in the Camargue where I originally come from, but above all because it can be found everywhere ! Staple… Read more »

Recipe n°3 – Malakoffs

DID YOU KNOW ? What a pleasure for me to propose you MY version of this iconic Swiss recipe from the French speaking part of Switzerland and more especially from the Canton of Vaud! If there is one recipe that represents the beautiful Canton of Vaud, then this is the malakoffs, but so what?!… You… Read more »

Recipe n°1 – Churros

DID YOU KNOW ? Did you know that the name of churros would come from the shape of the curved horns of the Navaro-Churro sheep breed which are originally from Spain? This churros recipe is often associated with Carnival. This popular celebration marks the end of the winter Lent and is an opportunity to celebrate,… Read more »